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21 October 2008 @ 09:28 pm

Chapter 18



I watched the PV in my room. It’s been a long time since I made this PV with them but I feel better whenever I watch it. My sister watched it with me this time. She was teasing me about them. “You have 10 boyfriends and you’re not sharing!” she said. I didn’t pay too much attention to her. As I was watching, all my attention was only on one man.



It’s been exactly a year and three months since she left but she was still the only girl I love. It’s my birthday today. I went to school and even though almost all of the people close to me greeted me, it felt incomplete without her.


I stayed on the rooftop again, the place where we first met and where I first realized for sure that I love her. I was waiting for her. Waiting that maybe, a miracle would occur and destiny will lead me back to her arms.


I waited for hours until my mother already sent me a message. I’m supposed to go home early because we’d be going in a trip for a whole week. I grabbed my stuff and left. She didn’t come.


The moment I got home, my mother told me to get inside the car already. They were all prepared. They were singing as my father drove. I looked back from inside the car, still expecting that I’d see her, looking for me.


“Kei, cheer up! It’s your birthday!” my mother said when she noticed that I looked quite lonely. I smiled at her and joined them at singing. Being miserable won’t do me any good. I decided to just have fun on my birthday, as it should be.



Yuto asked me if I could buy him some ice cream. He gave me money and said I can also buy one for myself, his treat. Being a very obedient boy, I fulfilled his request, buying two cones of ice cream from a nearby ice cream shop.


As I was walking back to Johnny’s building, I bumped onto a girl. Fortunately, I didn’t drop any of the ice creams. She, on the other hand, dropped the plate of sushi that she was carrying.


“Sor-” I couldn’t continue. I was really surprised to see her again.


“Are you really having fun bumping onto me over and over again?” she joked. I hugged her; that’s all that came into my mind. “Make sure that ice cream won’t mess my clothes,” she said.


“This one is for you,” I said. “I promised this to you before, right?” I gave her one of the ice creams as I eat the other one, I’m sure Yuto won’t mind (or will he?).


“Thank you Yama-chan,” she said. We talked with each other as we went inside the building together. I still remember that day; the day she left. She whispered something to me.


“I love… being your friend.”


I’ve accepted it already. She’d be happier with Inoo-kun. As I was daydreaming, I didn’t notice that she was already asking me something. I was surprised when she lightly pushed me on my arm. She laughed because of that. “As I was saying, do you know where the birthday boy is?”



It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. All those memories are coming back to me again. Nothing much changed since the last time. But he wasn’t there.


I looked around and waited for him. Where is he? I stood at the exact same spot where I stood when we first met. I watched the kids playing at the playground as I did before. I wished he was there with me. I wanted to greet him on his birthday.


I was already about to leave when I felt a pair of hands from behind, covering my eyes. I couldn’t be happier when I held those soft hands. “Your really do have a beautiful pair of hands,” I said as I placed his hands on my waist, his arms wrapped around me. “Happy birthday Inoo-chan.”


“I’ve been waiting for two years and three months,” he said. “And now, I must say, it’s definitely worth every second.”


I faced him and hugged him as tightly as I could.


“Will you stay?” he asked as he looked me in the eyes


As I looked into those wonderful eyes, I felt myself coming closer and closer to him until our lips touched. We stayed still for what seemed like eternity. As our lips parted, I whispered to him, “Forever.”

21 October 2008 @ 09:25 pm

Chapter 17



“Are your bags ready yet?” My uncle asked the moment I got home. I didn’t answer. “Is something wrong Miyu?” He approached me and kissed me on the forehead like he always does.


I hugged him tightly. “I’ll go to my room,” I said.


“I’ll get you some ice cream,” he said. “Maybe that will cheer you up.” I really love my uncle. He always knows what to do.


As I pack my stuff, I saw something familiar beneath the pile of stuff that I just placed in one corner; it was a signature board.


I wiped away the layers of dust that was on it. The writing was still very clear. I hugged it as I lay on my bed. Before I knew it, I was already asleep.



I was sitting beside the telephone for hours. I wanted to call her but I don’t know her number. I wanted to go to her house but I don’t know where she lives. I wanted to talk to her but I felt so helpless.


Was it a good idea to tell her how we felt before she leaves? For those hours, all that ran through my mind was everything that happened to us. To think it all started with a sushi. It was funny, but at that time, I couldn’t laugh anymore.



I couldn’t sleep tonight, not after what she said. I was lying on bed, thinking about what I would do now. She’s leaving. Should I just forget about her? Should I follow her? Should I wait for her?


I scanned through my camera; I got a picture of her from the amusement park. I stared at that picture and I already knew that I can not do anything to stop loving this woman. I felt deep in my heart that she’s my destiny.



When I woke up, my uncle was already sitting beside me, with a cup of ice cream as he promised. I sat up beside him and got the cup. I realized that I still had the signature board on my arms. I tried to hide it from him.


“I already know,” he said. “I know everything that happens in my company.”


I sighed. I know that my uncle would know sooner or later. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll leave tomorrow anyway.”


“Do you already know what to do?” he asked. That’s the first time he ever asked me a question like that.


“You trust me, don’t you?” I asked in reply. “Will you forbid us?”


He smiled at me before standing up, ready to leave and let me have some time alone. “When did I ever forbid you to do anything Miyu?” He looked back at me. “Just keep things in secret if you must.”



All members of Hey Say Jump were there at the airport. We were all crying. Even though she has been with us only for a little more than a week, it felt like she’s already a part of the group. We would feel incomplete without her.


Ryutaro was already hugging her legs, unable to believe that a new friend will leave so soon. Chinen was hugging Yuto, both of them in tears. Keito was quietly sobbing at the back, not wanting to be seen. The members of Best are trying to be strong but tears feel from their eyes anyway. Inoo-kun and I weren’t crying, not anymore. Our eyes were already dry from yesterday. I cried myself to sleep last night and I’m quite sure he also did. But even though our eyes were dry, the pain was still very much present. Miyu-chan stayed strong as always. She was trying to cheer us up all those time.


“This is it,” she said as we heard the announcement saying that passenger’s are already allowed to board the plane.



She hugged everyone. I was staring at her blankly all those time. While she was hugging Yama-chan, she whispered something. I didn’t hear it but I think I saw a smile on Yama-chan’s face, a smile both of happiness and sadness.


I was still looking at Yama-chan when she hugged me. I was surprised but as soon as I felt her body so close to mine, I immediately hugged her back. I couldn’t help it; my eyes still had tears left in them. I felt my shoulders get a little wet too. We didn’t say a word, that hug was enough to express what we felt.


She started walking away, wiping away her own tears. After taking a few steps, she faced us again for a second, waving us goodbye. She threw a piece of crumpled paper to me. As she boards the plane and the other members yelled “We will miss you!”, I uncrumpled that piece of paper and read it. Yama-chan approached me. He already knew what was written. I wiped away my tears. The members all hugged me as I was trying to be strong.


It is destiny

21 October 2008 @ 09:23 pm

Chapter 16



It’s been a week since the PV shoot. Yama-chan and I decided to continue our friendly competition.


We arrived at the Johnny’s building at the same time.


“Good morning Yama-chan!” I greeted him happily.


“Good morning Inoo-kun!” He was in a good mood too.


We entered at the same time. I thought of an idea. “It’s my turn to call the challenge now, isn’t it?” I asked him.


“Yes…” he replied. He was already readying himself.


“A race to the dressing room… in 3…2…1… go!”


We ran as quickly as we can, pushing away everyone that is on our way. We also accidentally (or not so accidentally) rammed through Keito because he was just standing there in the middle of the hall. I think I even heard a quiet “Itai…” from him but that’s the price he has got to pay when he stands on the way of two boys fighting for love.


In the end, I still got to the dressing room first. Who said running away from scary places didn’t do me any good?


“It’s a tie now Yama-chan,” I said while we were both panting. Inoo- 4, Ryosuke- 4



Whew! That was a tiring run. But Inoo-kun still won. The next match is crucial. I must pick a match in which I can win.


“You want a math contest?” Inoo-kun suggested.


“No thanks,” I said. He’s already playing mind games on me. “How about a roller coaster riding contest?” I asked, laughing.


“You’ve gotta be out of your mind to think I’d agree to that,” he said. He really was not amused by that suggestion.


I closed the door. “I know how to settle this,” I said. “Let’s fight.”



I was in the Johnny’s building, looking for Hey Say Jump since I had something to tell them. Outside the dressing room, I overheard Inoo-chan and Yama-chan talking loudly inside. They seemed to be angry at each other. I put my ear closer to the door and listened.


“Spinning sidekick!” I think that was Yama-chan.


“Ha! You didn’t hit me… Shoulder tackle!” That one was Inoo-chan.


What are they doing?! Are they fighting?


“That was a good one Inoo-kun. But you can’t beat me. Thrusting uppercut!”


“I won’t give up on Miyu-chan. Diving body press!”


I can’t take it anymore. I barged in the room and shouted “Stop!”



I paused our game of Tekken. “Why Miyu-chan?” I asked.


She looked surprised. “You’re just playing?”


“Why?” Inoo-chan asked her. “What do you think are we doing?”


“I just thought you guys were really fighting with each other,” Miyu-chan explained. “Why are you screaming the name of the moves anyway?”


“We just thought it would be more fun!” I said. “And it is, isn’t it?”


Miyu-chan looked embarrassed. “It’s ok,” we both said to comfort her.


As she was about to leave the room, she stopped by the door and turned around. “Actually, I have something to tell you.”



“But before that,” I continued. “I wanted to ask you something, Inoo chan.”


“What is it?” he said.


“I overheard you earlier,” I said. I was shaking a bit. I didn’t know if I should ask this or not. “I overheard you say something about not giving up on me. I wanted to know, what was that about?”


Inoo-chan looked at Yama-chan, seemingly waiting for a signal to continue. Yama-chan was in deep thoughts. After a brief moment of silence, he finally nodded.


They started to speak at the same time. I can’t believe what I heard.


“The truth is,” they said. “We both love you.”



I saw tears fall down from her eyes for the very first time. Every drop felt like a knife stabbing my heart. Was it because she’s happy that we love her or was it because she’s sad to find out that we’re competing with each other for her love? I wanted to say something to comfort her but I felt that at that time, it will be best to wait for her to talk first.


“I don’t know what to say,” she said.


“Who do you love more?” Yama-chan immediately asked.


Miyu-chan wiped her tears. “Does it even matter?” she said. “I came here because I had a message for you guys. I thought it will be easier to say it on short notice but I guess I was wrong.”


What was she supposed to say? I didn’t have any idea. But when she finally said, it couldn’t have hurt more.


“I’m going back home to America,” she said. “I’ll be leaving tomorrow.”

21 October 2008 @ 09:21 pm

Chapter 15

Very Amusing


This is so exciting! The last time I’ve been to an amusement park I think was when I was only 7 years old. I can’t even remember how it felt. Today, I can be a kid again.


I almost couldn’t take my eyes off of those huge rides from the moment I saw it from the van. We were all excited to try every single one of them. We talked about our favorites and what ride we’ll try first but we just couldn’t decide.


We were talking about it until we were already at the entrance. It was even more thrilling than I imagined. All of us were silent for a moment. It took a while before I finally talked.


“Let’s try the big roller coaster first!”



I knew it! I knew this was a bad idea! This is Chinen’s fault! I’ll kill that kid before he even reaches 160 cm.


I saw that roller coaster even from inside the van and I already knew that it was pure evil. I can’t ride that! When Miyu-chan said that she wanted to ride that first, I was completely saddened. But as I looked at her happy face, as I looked at her smile, I thought that I had the strength for this…


That’s when I heard people from the roller coaster screaming. Gulp!


… or not.



When Miyu-chan said that she wanted to try the roller coaster first, I immediately saw it as an opportunity. “I’ll go with you!” I immediately said.


She smiled at me… before running inside. “Come quick!” she yelled. She’s too excited about this, ne? We all ran after her.


The line wasn’t very long. A few minutes and we’re already on the roller coaster. I get to sit beside Miyu-chan, of course. Inoo-kun refused to ride. He said he’d just get the camera and take pictures of us while we were on the ride. I knew he was just scared but when Miyu-chan pulled me, I’m sorry Inoo-kun.


We were shouting on the top of our lungs during the ride. It was scary but that’s why its fun isn’t it? I managed to look at Miyu-chan while we were on the very top of the ride. She was so happy. I held her hand before the big fall. She looked at me and smiled. Our hands were tightly together for the rest of the ride; it was magical.



I said I wouldn’t but I also rode the roller coaster. I just couldn’t stand the fact that Yama-chan got on the same ride with Miyu-chan and I didn’t. I was at the very back of the coaster, still nervous. I was singing (more like chanting) our new song to be more relaxed. The nervousness soon became jealousy when I saw Yama-chan and Miyu-chan’s hands together. I was far from them so I was not very sure but with my eyes on them throughout the whole ride, I think what I saw was real.


The next place we went to was the horror house. I wanted to be beside Miyu-chan but because I was at the back of the group (I had to take a break after that roller coaster ride after all) Yama-chan already secured his spot beside Miyu-chan. I was watching their every move from behind even though it was dark. The horror house was pure evil. I wanted to be able to hold onto somebody. Unfortunately, Ryutaro was the nearest to me and every time I try to touch him, he’d shove me off.


I was distracted by the scary stuff everywhere but when I looked at Miyu-chan again, I saw that she was already clinging to Yama-chan’s arm. She even hugged him when a ‘ghost’ surprised her. That’s the most horrifying sight they had in that horror house for me; the sight of Miyu-chan holding Yama-chan instead of me.



The amusement park didn’t fail my expectations. I had so much fun with Hey Say Jump today. We rode almost every ride possible. I thought we’ll be out of voice after that since every ride made us shout so loud, even my sister from USA could hear it. But it’s fun, and that’s what we came in here for.


The next one that we were supposed to ride was the freefall. I remembered Inoo-chan telling me a story about this. Oh, that’s right! He’s afraid of going in this kind of rides. I felt sorry for him. This day was supposed to be fun for all of us but he didn’t look like he’s having any fun at all. I gotta make it up to him somehow.


I told everybody else to go to the freefall themselves. They were supposed to question me as to why but when I said “that’s an order!” they already left without a word.


When the others were not looking, I grabbed Inoo-chan by his shirt and pulled him away from the group. I saw the huge Ferris wheel, I thought that will be a perfect ride for us.



I was surprised when she pulled me away from the group. What was she thinking? I was even more surprised when she brought me to the Ferris wheel. She held my hand as we go inside.


As the wheel moves, I asked her why she brought me there alone. She said she did it because the Ferris wheel is a lot less frightening than the freefall. So she still remembers it. I was a little embarrassed but I managed to smile.


We both looked at the wonderful scenery outside. “What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked.


I looked at her and the moment I saw her lovely face, I didn’t have to look outside anymore. “Yes, it’s breathtaking.”

21 October 2008 @ 09:20 pm

Chapter 14

It Continues


“An eating contest, that’s the next challenge,” I said.


“What will we eat?” Yama-chan asked.


I called Keito. “Could you get us two cones of ice cream? Pleeeease!”


Keito was very obedient, he got us the ice creams, and the amount was the same for each cone, perfect. “The first one to finish will be the winner, are you ready?” I asked as I looked at Yama-chan who was already staring at his ice cream.


“Ready,” he said, still not taking his eyes of his ice cream. Keito was at our side. We also asked him to be the referee and honestly say who the winner will be.


“Go!” Keito shouted. Yama-chan and I started eating the ice cream as fast as we could. Keito was keeping good watch although watching us at that moment was very disgusting.


I did my best but I was already having brain freeze from eating the ice cream too fast. It was a close fight but in the end, Yama-chan finished a few seconds before I did. Oh man! Inoo- 2, Ryosuke- 2


He danced in celebration of another victory. Miyu-chan suddenly approached us, her eyebrow raised. “You’re not allowed to eat ice cream,” she said. Yama-chan and I looked at each other. We pointed at Keito. “He made us eat it!” we said.


Keito was going to complain but Miyu-chan continued what she was saying. “You’re not allowed to eat ice cream without sharing it to me. Come Keito, let’s get some for ourselves.”


Yama-chan and I were left with each other again. Well that didn’t go well.



I found some sheets of paper on the table. I already knew what I wanted for the next challenge.


I crumpled six sheets; I gave three to Inoo-kun. “Whoever can shoot more will be the winner,” I said, pointing to the trash can.


We started shooting the pieces of crumbled paper on the trash can. Inoo-kun went first and he was able to shoot it. To cut it short, he was able to shoot it all. I, on the other hand, failed to shoot my last one. Oh shoot! Inoo-kun won again. I think I have to be careful when I choose the next challenge. I’ll still catch up though; the lead isn’t that significant anyway. Inoo- 3, Ryosuke- 2


Miyu-chan came back from eating her ice cream. She went to our table and she was looking for something. “Have you two seen my script?” she asked. Inoo-kun and I didn’t answer. We just covered our faces.



It’s my turn again; I chose a drawing contest as the next challenge. I got us two sheets of blank paper. We even double checked it to make sure that it’s really not an important document or something.


“What will we draw?” Yama-chan asked.


I just blurted out the first thing that came into my mind. “A monkey!” (the truth is I saw Hikaru from afar)


We started drawing. I was really focused on making an excellent drawing of a monkey. When Hikaru approached us, asking what we’re doing, we asked him to be our judge. We showed him our artworks after finishing up within a few minutes.


Yama-chan showed his work first. Hikaru laughed. “It’s an ugly monkey!” he said. I was already laughing. Well this is an easy win. I showed him my work. He was laughing harder. “It’s a really ugly dog!”


Yama-chan laughed. “At least he thought mine was a monkey,” he said. He was right. Fine, he won this round. It’s already a tie. Inoo- 3, Ryosuke- 3


Miyu-chan approached us. “Guys, the PV isn’t over yet.” Oh, that’s right.



After shooting the remaining parts, Inoo-kun and I decided to continue with our competition.


“Hide and seek!” I exclaimed. I dragged Chinen along. “Whoever Chinen finds first will be the loser.”


“Let’s go! C’mon Chinen, count up to ten,” Inoo-kun said. I could hear Chinen counting as he closed his eyes and Inoo-kun and I both ran away and hid.


I hid under a bed I found in one of the dressing rooms. It was a perfect spot. I just waited for Chinen to find Inoo-kun first.



I hid behind a huge door. I didn’t think Chinen would look for me there. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one I had to be wary of.


“What are you doing there Inoo-chan?” Daiki asked. What was HE doing there?! I signaled to him to get out since Chinen might find me. Daiki didn’t understand it at the first time. “Nani?” he even asked.


I repeatedly signaled him to get away but it didn’t work until I finally had to tell him quietly. “Get out of here or Chinen might see you talking to me!”


He left as I ordered him. “Hi Chinen,” he said after just two steps. “Oops.”


“Found you!” Chinen shouted happily. I glared at Daiki. He’s definitely dead. Now Yama-chan got the lead for the first time. Inoo- 3, Ryosuke- 4



Making the PV was a lot of fun. I’ve watched all of their behind-the-scenes videos but experiencing it first hand was another thing of course, especially if you’re the director.


Filming didn’t take very long. Hey Say Jump followed my instructions perfectly so we didn’t have too much problems. I thought they wouldn’t obey me since I’m just a girl around their age but fortunately, they were very good boys. I think I’ll have to give them some stars like my teacher used to always give me. While I was watching them, I couldn’t help but smile. I think it even turned out better than I imagined.


They were very obedient during filming but once the camera goes off, they turn into weirdos. Chinen sat on my lap for the first time, he doesn’t usually sit on women’s lap but he said he was glad that I let him. When I told him I couldn’t work well with him on my lap, he sadly walked away and then he found Takaki innocently sitting on one corner. He found another lap to sit on, he was happy again. Yabu was often sleeping whenever it’s not yet his turn. Unfortunately for him, Ryutaro saw him as someone to play with, you couldn’t sleep with that. Keito often borrows the camera from one of the camera men; I think he will be a filmmaker too someday. Yuto was very energetic as always. He was drawing on the board, making unnecessary noises, dancing and jumping around, even doing cartwheels; it would be illegal to give this kid anything with sugar or caffeine. Daiki was complaining about how Hikaru is bullying him. He said something about being irritated because Inoo was not with them and Hikaru’s attention is all on him.


Come to think of it, both Inoo-chan and Yama-chan are acting weirder than everyone today. They seemed to be more concerned on playing some silly games of their own than actually making the PV. I didn’t complain much since once they get in front of the camera, they’re doing great. I still can’t help but think that they’re up to something though. I am not sure yet what it is. But whatever it is, I don’t think it can be that bad.


After the shoot, the group decided to celebrate for a job well done. Chinen suggested that we go to an amusement park someday. I thought it was a great idea. “I’ll arrange for it!” I immediately said.


We’ll be going in three days. I can’t wait!

21 October 2008 @ 09:19 pm

Chapter 13



After talking with Yama-chan, I ran to Miyu-chan right away.


“Is there anything I could do to help, Miss Director?” I asked.


She looked at me from head to toe and raised an eyebrow. “You can start by wearing your costume as I said Inoo-chan.”


Oops, that didn’t go well. I ran back to the dressing room as fast as I can.



Inoo-kun was rushing towards the dressing room while I was already planning to approach Miyu-chan and maybe ask her if there’s anything I could do to help. What’s up with Inoo-kun, anyway? Oh well.


I went to Miyu-chan. Before I could even talk, she already saw me, ran to me and held my costume tightly. “It looks really good on you!” she said. She asked me to turn around, still looking at the costume. “I guess we did a good job with it, eh? Do you like it Yama-chan?”


“Of course!” I answered. She smiled at me, I smiled back.



I quickly changed into my costume. I didn’t even have the time to look at myself in the mirror before I ran back to the set again and had Miyu-chan take a look at my costume.


As I thought, Yama-chan already beat me to it. Just he wait, I’m sure Miyu-chan will like my costume more.


As I approached them, they both looked at me and laughed. What are they laughing at?! They saw the confused look on my face and explained it to me. “You didn’t even look at the mirror, did you?” Miyu-chan asked. “The buttons aren’t even put on correctly.”


I looked at my costume, she was right. My whole costume was a mess. So that’s why I was feeling a little awkward. I was so embarrassed. What’s worse is that I made the mistake in front of Yama-chan. I wasn’t looking but I was quite sure that he looked very satisfied because of that. Not for too long.


Miyu-chan approached me and helped me to put my costume in order. “Do you really have to be such a baby whenever I’m around?” she asked as she was putting on my buttons, correctly this time. I couldn’t answer. She looked at me in the eyes and pinched my cheek after finishing with the buttons. “It’s really cute, though.”



Inoo-kun and I talked again privately. Nobody dared to come near us, I think they already know what’s happening. We stayed in a table at one corner; he sat in front of me. “Let’s settle this ourselves,” I said.


“That’s just what I have in mind.” Inoo-kun agreed. “I want to make this really a competition.”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


He started explaining. “10 different challenges; whoever wins more will, of course, be the victor.”


I didn’t think twice. “You’re on!”


“I’ll let you call the 1st challenge.” He was really confident, but so am I.


I thought of how to start these challenges and I thought I had a great idea. I got something from my pocket; a coin. “Let’s start with something simple; coin flips, best of three.” Inoo-kun smiled. He accepted the challenge. “I’ll be heads,” I said as I prepared to flip the coin.


I had my fingers crossed as the coin spins on the air. It landed on the table; we both looked at it immediately. Oh crap! “That’s one for me!” Inoo-kun shouted.


I flipped the coin for the 2nd time. “I’m still heads,” I said as the coin spins. As it landed on the table, we already saw the result.


Inoo chan jumped up and down. I glared at him and threw the coin lightly at his arm.


He won this time, that lucky pig. Kei- 1, Ryosuke- 0



I won the 1st challenge! I was already on a head start. I was confident that I will win this. And now it’s my time to call the challenge. I put on a fist and looked at Yama-chan.


“Eh! You will punch me?!” he exclaimed.


“No, you silly! Rock-paper-scissors is our next match, best of three.”


“Yosh! I’m good at this,” he said.


“Jan… ken… pon!” we chanted in unison.


I had rock, he had paper. I can’t believe I lost the first one! Yama-chan was laughing hysterically. Just he wait, we’re only starting.


“Jan… ken… pon!”


I had scissors, he still had paper. I stuck my tongue out at him. “I thought you’re good at this,” I teased.


“I’ll still win the last one,” he said, annoyed.


“Jan... ken… pon!”


I had paper, he had rock. I jumped up and down again, celebrating. I’m still on the lead. Kei- 2, Ryosuke- 0.



He’s bragging again. I was supposed to call the next challenge when Miyu-chan suddenly approached us. We both stopped.


“It’s time for the group dance,” she said. Oh that’s right. We almost forgot that we’re making a PV here.


I thought of a great idea. I whispered something to Inoo-kun before we followed Miyu-chan. “The next challenge is a dance contest. Miyu-chan will be the judge.”


He answered, hesitantly, “I accept.”


It was like a replay of our last rehearsals, Inoo-kun was putting on quite a match but I just concentrated on myself, making sure that every move I make is more than perfect. Inoo-kun won’t win this one, not against me.


We had several takes. Miyu-chan told the other members to cope up with the level of energy that Inoo-kun and I were showing; she said that it won’t look balanced otherwise. Inoo-kun and I smiled at each other. We’re competing against each other but I must admit, competing with Inoo-kun is fun.


After finally finishing with the dance, Inoo-kun and I both ran to Miyu-chan, repeatedly asking her who of us dance better.


“Both of you danced fantastically,” she said. That was not enough for us; we continued asking her until she finally had an answer. “Ok, ok. If you really want me to choose one… I’m sorry Inoo-chan but I think Yama-chan did a little bit better.”


It was finally my turn to brag. I imitated how Inoo-kun jumped up and down earlier, he just rolled his eyes on me. Nonetheless, it’s now Inoo- 2, Ryosuke- 1.

21 October 2008 @ 09:18 pm

Chapter 12

It Begins


It’s the day of the PV shoot at last. I woke up in the middle of the dressing room, due to noises made by the crew. It was already 3:00 am. We spent all of yesterday to finish the set; it was simple but not that easy to build. We were done with it a few minutes after midnight. Most of the equipments are already in place too. I looked at our full set, yawning but smiling. We’re ready.


I remember the day they announced that I will be the director of this PV. I was supposed to be in charge for the costumes, my design was already approved. Everything was going perfectly until the original director suffered from a heart attack. He was brought to the hospital and he’s still confined there up to now. He’s already out of danger but still has to rest for a few weeks. I don’t know why but they chose me to take over his position. It’s true that I was already trained by that very director but I didn’t think I’d be ready for this yet. Nonetheless, despite of being young, they trusted me for this.


Yesterday, before going to the set, my uncle wished me luck for the project. He took me to the set himself and before going, he kissed me on the forehead. He hugged me for a long time. He, more than anyone, trusted me for this.


I was raised to be a smart, dependable woman. I never failed their expectations, not once. I like the way I was raised, I have no complaints with that. But sometimes… I just feel that something is missing.



I had a hard time sleeping last night. I was just so excited for this PV, more excited than I ever was with the other PV’s that we’ve already made. This one is different; this one is special; this one, we will make with Miyu-chan.


I only had a few hours of sleep but that didn’t affect the level of energy I had today. I literally jumped out of the bed. Even my mother found it unusual; the way I was acting. But she was happy for me; she was happy that I am happy. She served me my favorite breakfast, I loved it of course. Before letting me leave, she hugged me and kissed me. I kissed her back.


My mother is one of the two women I love the most. Today, I am ready to tell the other woman how much I really do love her.



I only slept for three hours. It isn’t really easy to fall asleep when there are a lot of things in your mind. Today, we’ll be making another PV. Of course, what makes it more exciting is that we’re doing it with someone special.


My mom greeted me the moment I went out of my room. She said that she’d watch the PV as soon as it’s done. I love the way that my mom always becomes so excited whenever a time like this comes. I feel how proud she is of me.


As I was about to leave, I saw her sitting in the living room, holding a picture. I sat beside her and looked at the picture, curious whose it was. I saw a tear roll down her face.


“My little baby is growing up.”


I hugged my mom and kissed her before I left. She’s being emotional again. I can’t always be her baby, can I? Thinking about it, I really am growing up already. I think I want to be somebody else’s baby now.



We were filming the members of Hey Say Jump the moment they arrived, for the PV making video. Ten mischievous boys coming out of the van greeted everyone on the set. Finally, it will start.


I personally filmed their introductions. They were on the verge of laughing out loud as they introduced themselves. I was doing weird facial expressions behind the camera. Ryutaro and Yuto even helped me after they’re done with their introductions. We had to do four takes of Yama-chan’s introduction, he just laughed the whole time for the first three. Those takes would still be useful though. In Inoo-chan’s introduction, he was imitating our weird facial expressions while introducing himself. It was so cute!



My jaw was still hurting after that. I just couldn’t stop laughing after seeing those faces. Miyu-chan’s expressions were hilarious. Come to think of it, she was still beautiful despite of that.


I saw our costume in the dressing room. It really looked nice, my favorite of all the costumes we’ve worn. There was a note attached to it. And that quite explains why it suddenly became my favorite.


I designed this one! We made it with love and we hope you like it~   -Miyu


They made it with love; she made it with love. I smiled, is this her way of saying that she loves me? I looked at the other members’ costumes, the same note attached to them. I sighed. That was a bit disappointing.



I saw Yama-chan alone in the dressing room. This is my chance to talk to him.


“Hi Inoo-kun!” he said while looking at himself in the mirror. He already had the costume on. “It looks nice, doesn’t it?”


As much as I do think that the costumes look great, I couldn’t respond properly. “Yama-chan, can we talk? I just have to get something out of my chest”


“Sure Inoo-kun!” he said. “What is it about?”


I took a deep breath. I looked at him seriously. “I am in love with Miyu-chan.”


So what we feared is already happening; Inoo-kun and I as rivals. I didn’t know what to say. He didn’t really know that I love Miyu-chan too… or did he?


“I know that you love her too,” he said. “But I’m not gonna give her up.” How did he know? It doesn’t matter now. I have to protect my love for Miyu-chan.


“I’m not gonna give her up too,” I said confidently.


“So it’s a competition between us.” He was standing right in front of me, only a few inches away.


“I won’t lose.” I took my stand.


“Neither will I.”


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Chapter 11

Good Night


I went to my little sister’s room. Miyu-chan was already there. She was sitting on the bed and looking at a photograph on the side table.


“I called my little sister. She said it’s ok for you to sleep here,” I said as I enter. She looked at me with a smile different from her usual one.


“Who are these two very cute babies?” she asked. It was a rhetorical question.



I held my shirt; the one that she washed. It was already dry. I held it close to my face. It feels softer and it smelled better. It felt like it was a different shirt already, or maybe I was just imagining that. Nonetheless, that shirt instantly became my favorite shirt now. Maybe I should thank Miyu-chan.



He sat beside me, looking at the picture too. He was blushing really badly. Why is he so embarrassed? They were really cute!


“I was not joking if that’s what you’re thinking of,” I said. I looked at him. “and the babies aren’t the only ones that are cute.” Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. The blushing just got worse. I decided to just change the topic. “This picture frame looks really nice.”


He looked at me, confused. And then we both laughed. Ok, I know that wasn’t the best thing to say to change the topic but hey, it worked. I looked at the picture again. Why are they so cute?! I just wanted to squish them. Pinch their cheeks like grandparents usually would. They are just so adorable!



Why is she pinching my cheeks? She was pinching them hard too. It was starting to hurt but I didn’t complain. If her hands were on my face, how could I not want that?


She finally realized. She was also shocked that she was pinching my cheeks. I guess she didn’t know what she was doing.


“You know, you’re a lot like my mother,” I told her, laughing. “Having said that, I want to thank you for being our mother for the night.”


“I just did what I had to do,” she said. “I’ll tell your parents never to leave you alone again or they might have no more home to return to.”


“Don’t think of us like that. We are not usually like this. We just felt that we could goof around a little for the night after seeing that we have a mother figure in the house anyway.”


She stuck out her tongue. “Remind me never to stay in a house alone with you guys again.”


“Remind me not to remind you that,” I replied, laughing. “Well, did you have fun tonight?”


“Absolutely,” she replied


That time was perfect. We were alone in the room and I was ready to confess. I have a gut feeling that someone will interrupt us though. I was right.



“There you are Miyu-chan!” I finally found her. I felt so stupid for not looking in there first. She was with Inoo-kun. They seem to be talking about something, important I guess. I proceeded anyway. “I just want to thank you for washing my shirt.”


“You’re very welcome Yama-chan,” she said. “I didn’t really mind.”


I saw Inoo-chan glaring at me. I guess he didn’t like the interruption. I hesitantly decided to go and let them continue with what they were talking about but before I could even leave the room, Hikaru appeared. “We’re only waiting for the two of you,” he said. “We’re ready to sleep!”


The three of us went out of the room already. Inoo-chan still looked grouchy. “Oh, I just remembered Inoo-chan,” Hikaru said. “I think the futons are not enough for all of us.”


Inoo-chan glared at Hikaru for a little more than ten seconds. “Of course they are not enough,” he said. “You’re sleeping on the floor.” I was really trying hard not to laugh but I eventually did anyway. If you can only see Hikaru’s face when Inoo-chan said that; it was priceless.



When we reached my parents’ room, I realized that I forgot something. I left my phone in my sister’s room. I must’ve left it on the bed while talking with Miyu-chan. I decided to go back and get it. It’s only been a minute since we left. She can’t be asleep already.


I knocked on the door. She let me in; she was still awake as I thought. I looked for my phone but I couldn’t find it. She helped me look for it and it turns out that she’s also good at finding stuff (is there anything she can’t do?). She found the phone under the bed. Maybe it fell there by some chance. It wasn’t very far so I easily got it and thanked Miyu-chan for helping me.


“Take care of your stuff next time,” she scolded again.


“Yes, mom,” I said unconsciously. We both laughed after we realized that I actually called her mom.


“Go to sleep already,” she ordered. I laid down on my little sister’s bed and pretended to sleep. She sat down beside me, looking at the door. She was acting as if I wasn’t there. I was talking to her, I was making noise, I moved around much, I even poked her but she was not responding in any way. Fine, I get it. I’ll go already.


“Good night mom,” I said as I moved into a sitting position beside her.


She looked at me and smiled. “Good night baby,” she said. I felt something soft touch my cheek. She kissed me goodnight.


I walked out of the room, closed the door and stood there for five minutes just holding that part of my cheek where her lips landed. It was the only thing I could think of even as I was trying to sleep. It felt so delightful. I wanted to punch myself. Why didn’t I kiss her goodnight too?!



I woke up in the middle of the night. I went out of the room first to see what time it is since there were no clocks inside the room we were sleeping in. It was just 2 am according to the clock in the living room. I decided to go by the kitchen and drink a glass of water first.


On my way back to the room, I saw a slightly open door; it was the room where Miyu-chan was sleeping. I took a peek and saw that she was already asleep. I decided to enter the room; the small opening from the door was illuminating her face. I stared at her for a few minutes. She’s beautiful.


I approached the bed, to have a closer look. I can practically feel her steady breath blowing on my face. I leaned in closer… and closer… and closer… until I finally was close enough to kiss her. I let my lips touch her cheek for a few seconds. “Good night Miyu-chan...”


And before I left the room, I whispered


“… I love you.”



They left my house early this morning. We need all the rest we could get for the PV shoot tomorrow. I’m sure it will be exciting. But something is bothering me.


I saw him. I saw him walk in my sister’s room. I saw him stare at Miyu-chan with mesmerized eyes. I saw him kiss her.


So it is true. Yama-chan is in love with Miyu-chan too. I felt my heart getting heavier; this is a difficult situation. Yama-chan is my friend. But I will never give up on Miyu-chan that easily.


Because I cannot love anyone more than I love her.

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Chapter 10

Boys Will be Boys


“I won’t tolerate this kind of behavior anymore, young men.”


She scolded them again. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Everyone shut their mouth up but deep inside, they were still laughing. Love triangle they say? I was relieved that at least somebody shared the teasing.


I looked at Miyu-chan and Inoo-kun sitting on the floor beside each other. Inoo-kun never took his eyes off Miyu-chan. Is it true? Is Inoo-kun really in love with Miyu-chan? I angrily sat at the other side of the table. Was I not so relieved after all?



I looked at the other members, and it was not a pretty sight. They were eating like pigs; pigs who have never eaten in a hundred years, that is. They could even talk with their mouths full, saying things about how delicious the food was. Miyu-chan is good at cooking too, so good in fact that even Keito was eating like he haven’t eaten for a year. I know it was my fault for burning the food, but in the end, it went to my favor; they won’t see what I’m going to do next.


“Say aaaaah,” I said with a spoonful of curry pointed towards Miyu chan.


“Aaaaah” she obeyed. She ate it and smiled at me.


“This is my way of apologizing for the trouble I caused you earlier.” I explained.


She swallowed the food in her mouth first. She wiped her lips before responding. “That was very sweet Inoo-kun, but really, no need for apologies. I love to cook after all.”


As I watch her wipe her lips, I gathered my courage. I was ready to confess right then and there. “And I can’t love anyone more than you.”



I was a little annoyed. Why do they look so good with each other? And why couldn’t he see me glaring at him?!


It turns out; I was paying too much attention to what Miyu-chan and Inoo-kun were doing and too little attention to what I myself, was doing. As Miyu-chan was talking, I didn’t notice that the food I was supposed to eat already fell on my shirt.


“Hot!” I shouted. Only Miyu-chan and Inoo-kun paid attention. The other members were already finishing up their plates. I think at that time, even if I shouted “The house is on fire!”, they wouldn’t bother.


Miyu-chan stood up and approached me. “Boys will be boys,” she said. She pulled the lower portion of my shirt up so that the curry won’t fall and then she asked me to stand. I felt my face turn a little red, my stomach was exposed.



The thought stayed in my mind. I was not able to say it. I was interrupted by Yama-chan apparently. I was left alone. Well that was disappointing. Maybe I’ll get another chance later.


“We’re done!” all the other members said in unison. They looked at me. “Where did those two go?”



She pulled me to the kitchen. We threw the curry away at the garbage can and then she let go of my shirt.


“Take it off,” she said while washing her hands.




She looked at me in the eyes, and then at the shirt, and then at my eyes again. “We have to clean that up now or else it will be harder to do it later.” I stood still and did nothing, she laughed. “If you are so embarrassed by having a girl watch you strip, then I’ll leave while you do it,” she said. “Where are your spare clothes anyway? I’ll just go and get it for you.”


My face was turning red again. “I think I left my bag in the living room.”



When I arrived at the living room, everyone was already there watching a movie. They left their dirty plates on the table. What did I expect?


“Miyu-chan! Join us, we’re watching a horror movie,” Ryutaro said. No wonder most of them were hiding under some pillows.


“I’m sorry, we’ll join you later,” I replied. “I’m still taking care of the baby.”  I got Yama-chan’s bag and I was ready to return to the kitchen but then I saw the plates again. Do I have to do everything here? “Inoo-chan, the plates please.”



The baby?! Was Miyu-chan referring to Yama-chan. I was still thinking about that when she suddenly called my name and asked me to pick up the dirty plates. I immediately stood up and did it quickly. I took five plates first and hurried to the kitchen. “Oh please tell me she meant one of the dogs.”


But no, when I arrived there, I saw her with Yama-chan who was half naked and looking for a shirt in his bag. Miyu-chan was holding Yama-chan’s dirty shirt and was washing it right there in the kitchen sink. I went to her side.


“Here’s the plates ma’am!” I said, trying to ignore the thought of how Yama-chan took his shirt off in front of Miyu-chan. She finished up on washing Yama-chan’s shirt and set it aside.


“Thank you Inoo-chan, please get the rest of them,” she asked. I happily obeyed… or maybe not so happily.


“Yama-chan, please help me with this,” she continued.



I had a short chat with Miyu-chan while we’re washing the dishes. I didn’t learn much about her, though. I was doing most of the talking. I was telling her my experiences in Johnny’s. All she told me was that she likes ice cream. Everything else was about the PV.


After washing the dishes, we joined the others watching a horror movie. I was sitting beside Miyu-chan. Whenever I was getting scared, I will just look at her. She’s still so calm. That took my fear away.


After watching the movie, we still had time to goof around with each other. We were doing field day activities like the three-legged race or racing in piggybacks. We had lots of fun. Miyu-chan always was the referee since our number wasn’t even. Chinen once pushed me off balance during one of the relays and I ended up falling on Miyu-chan who was just beside me at that time. I threw a pillow that hit Chinen on the face but deep inside, I think I should’ve thanked him perhaps.



I was peeking at them while they were washing the dishes. Why do they look so good with each other? They were talking with each other and laughing just like we did at my school. I hope they’re just friends, nothing more.


Even during the movie, they were beside each other. We were watching a horror movie but I think I’m more afraid to believe that there was already something happening between Miyu-chan and Yama-chan. I can even see him leaning a little bit on her shoulder. I just focused on watching the movie. I’d rather watch that.


After the movie, Miyu-chan suggested that we play. She even suggested doing some relays and everybody agreed cheerfully. It’s easy for them to be happy with that; it’s not their house after all. I focused my attention on making sure that no furniture will be damaged. During the newspaper relay, I heard the sound of people falling. When I looked, I saw that it was Yama-chan; falling but conveniently caught by Miyu-chan. Chinen seemed to be the culprit. Yama-chan threw a nearby pillow at him; I wanted to throw a nearby table.


When we were preparing to sleep, it was decided that Hey Say Jump will sleep in my parents’ room since it’s bigger than my room. Miyu-chan, on the other hand, will sleep in my little sister’s room. We don’t want people thinking that something might happen. I wanted to sleep with her but I guess I can save that for a few years time.


“Is it ok for you to sleep alone?” I asked.


“No. Not really,” she said. I was surprised. I was about to suggest that I’ll sleep in my little sister’s room too but she continued; “but I don’t think I could sleep with you guys snoring,” she said as she stuck her tongue out at me. She got me laughing. Never mind.

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Chapter 9



It wasn’t hard asking permission from my uncle. A pair of puppy dog eyes and off I went. He even gave me money; in case of ice cream shortage I guess.


His driver took me to Inoo-chan’s house. I stood there for a while, examining the surroundings. It was a very peaceful environment. I rang the bell twice. Inoo-chan answered the door himself.


“I’m glad that you came” he said with a big smile. Two dogs suddenly ran to me and walked around my feet. So these are the dogs I hear lots about. I sat down and hugged them, they licked me on the face. Well, aren’t they adorable?


“I think they like you,” Inoo-chan said. He crouched down and the dogs licked him on the face too. “Should we go inside?”


Inside the house, all of Hey Say Jump was already there. Hikaru, Yabu, and Takaki were watching television. Yuto, Chinen, and Daiki were running around like the kids they are. Yamada and Ryutaro were playing a board game and Keito was goofing around by himself. When I came in, all of them stopped what they were doing. They looked at me and there was a brief moment of silence.


“Good evening Yama-chan’s girlfriend!” they all shouted, except for Yama chan of course. I was a little embarrassed but I just rolled my eyes.


“Is this how you’re gonna treat your director?” I scolded. I looked at Yama chan, he was embarrassed too. He looked like a strawberry, actually. I tried to stop myself from laughing but I burst into laughter anyway. Everyone was looking at me again. Silence lingered across the room for a second before all of us burst into laughter once more.


Our laughter was interrupted. I smelled something. I, more than anyone, should recognize this smell. My sister would always call me when she smells this. “Is something burning?”



 “Uh oh!” I immediately ran to the kitchen. Everything that I was cooking was already burnt! I regretted not asking for help with this cooking stuff. “Who likes their food really well done?” I joked. No one bought it. “Oh…”


“I guess we’ll die from starvation tonight,” Chinen said from behind.


“Goodbye cruel world!” Ryutaro whined.


“I knew it,” Miyu-chan said proudly. “You need a woman in this house.” She looked at me. I know that look. My mom would look at my dad like that whenever he does something wrong. “Clean this up please Inoo-chan. We’ll have to start over. The others can go back to what they were doing.”


So she can be a nagger too. The others left immeadiately, not wanting to disobey the order of our brand new “mother”. I was left alone in the kitchen with Miyu-chan, just the two of us cooking together. I couldn’t help but blush again. Until she started giving me more orders, that is.


“We could make some curry” she said while looking at our refrigerator. “Would you want that?” she asked. I nodded. Who am I to disagree? I’m the one who almost brought starvation in my own house after all.


She looked happy while cooking. I also had fun cooking with her even though all I did was get the stuff that she needs and just stare at her whenever I’m done with that. She’s really beautiful, isn’t she?



I was playing with Ryutaro but I couldn’t take my eyes off that kitchen. Why am I not comfortable with the thought of Miyu-chan and Inoo-kun cooking together by themselves?


“It’s no fun playing with someone in love,” Ryutaro whispered to himself.


“I heard that!” I said as I whack him on the head with a pillow.


Eventually, Miyu-chan and Inoo-kun finally finished cooking. They brought the food on the dining table. I was looking at them, more like glaring. I don’t know why too. Was I jealous?


“It’s about time! I’m really starving,” Hikaru shouted. The others had no more time to even talk. In a second, they all had their places around the table already. There were only eight chairs. The three people who won’t be able to get one will have to eat on a smaller table we moved earlier beside the bigger dining table. In this case, it will be Miyu-chan, Inoo-kun, and I.


The others were already smiling. I didn’t want to hear what they’re going to say next.


“Love triangle~”